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About Us

Details about our company, employees, and history.

Our Mission

To design and build top-quality homes for our customers that we would be proud and happy to live in ourselves; to ensure that all our homes are built to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and our own exacting standards; and to make available to all members of the Douglas Homes team the necessary training, management, support and assistance that will allow each person to continue to provide our customers with the outstanding service that they have come to expect during the 25+ years Douglas Homes has been in business.

About the Builder

Douglas Dieringer’s roots in real estate date back to 1977 when he started with a small boutique firm of topnotch professionals, Clark and Associates, as a recent graduate from Towson University.

Being the highest producing office in Columbia at the time, Long & Foster bought Clark and Associates, owned by Mike Adair and Gary Clark, in 1982.  This was the company’s first acquisition in Maryland making Dieringer a part of the first Long & Foster in the state.

As a highly motivated individual, Dieringer wanted the ability to focus on multiple real estate endeavors, from land development to selling.  To obtain this luxury he moved to RE/MAX in 1982, making him a part of the first RE/MAX in Maryland, as well.  He went door-to-door to sell houses, doing whatever it took, until he became one of the highest-grossing realtors on the East Coast in a few short years.

As an agent he represented several builders from Howard County, namely the Columbia area.  At the time, Columbia was a vibrant, growing community with new construction and new developments popping up everywhere.

“In the real estate profession, if you’re serious about the business the next learning step is to go from dealing with townhouses, condominiums, and single family homes to learning about land development and building,” he said.  And, that is what he did.

Wanting to be a part of the development and progression of Columbia in its infantile state, he took the next logical step for someone who was so enthralled with the real estate industry.  He partnered with Bob Goodier, his college friend, to form Goodier Builders in 1985.  The two were caught in the midst of Columbia’s boom, watching it progress from a city of 20,000 residents to its present state of about 100,000.  Goodier Builders built its first home in Kings Contrivance, and in 1987, Dieringer built his own home that he lives in to this day.  In 1988, Dieringer opened Douglas Homes and took it from a $0 company to a $20 million company in about fifteen years.

Dieringer was one of the handpicked builders responsible for building all the homes in the ten villages now known as Columbia under the James W. Rouse Company.  Douglas Homes, which specializes in upper-end luxury development, is still one of Maryland’s premier builders to this day.

“I’ve built hundreds and hundreds of homes for my neighbors here in Howard County and have watched them move in, grow up, and have seen their kids go to the same public schools as mine,” Dieringer said.  “It’s a feeling of accomplishment knowing I’ve done something very important for the community.  I’ve provided beautiful, well-crafted homes for our families, friends and neighbors here in Howard County.”

Dieringer has integrated himself into the community, golfing at public courses, playing tennis at the local athletic clubs, and going to events at the public schools.

“It’s rewarding knowing I live, work and built a legacy here in Columbia from its infant state to what it is today,” he said.  Columbia is one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. and has often been voted one of the best places to live by Money and Fortune.

Dieringer graduated from Towson University in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.  He is an avid golfer and can often be found playing at Hobbits Glen.  He lives in Ellicott City with his wife, Mary, and their four children in the home he built 30 years ago.

Douglas Homes is now in its 29th year of business.